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Note: KBar is a paid third-party tool and is required to use the Kbar toolbar file.

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Installation Instructions

What's Included

Sequence Layers Better

Sequence selected layers by any number of frames. Layers will be sequenced in the same order they were selected.

Reverse Layer Order

Reverse the indexing order of selected layers.

Make a Line

Generate a shape layer line with a length control and the option to maintain the stroke width.

Shy Locked Layers

Three scripts are included that execute similar functions on all the layers within the active comp.

  • Shy Locked Layers
  • Lock Shy Layers
  • Shy & Lock Hidden Layers

These functions are great for isolating essential layers in a comp.

Select Matching Properties

These scripts will

  • Select matching properties across all layers in the active comp
  • Select matching properties within selected layers

Note: these scripts cannot automatically reveal the selected properties, but if you double-tap the "S" key after running the script, it will isolate the selected proeprties.

Script UI Panel Installation

Sequence Layers Better.jsx, Reverse Layer Order.jsx & Make a Line.jsx are dockable UI panels for After Effects. To install them, copy the files into the After Effects ScriptUI Panels folder, then restart After Effects.

  • OSX:¬†/Applications/After Effects #version#/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels/
  • Windows:¬†/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe After Effects #version#/Support Files/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels/

Script Installation

Select Matching Properties.jsx and Shy Locked Layers.jsx are executable via the File > Scripts menu in After Effects. To install them, copy the files into the After Effects Scripts folder, then restart After Effects.

  • OSX:¬†/Applications/After Effects #version#/Scripts/
  • Windows:¬†/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe After Effects #version#/Support Files/Scripts/

KBar Installation

If you own KBar for After Effects, you can import scriptlet versions of all the included scripts at once. Simply right-click anywhere inside the KBar panel and choose KBar Settings. Click the dropdown menu arrow in the bottom right corner of the window and choose Import from .kbar file. Navigate to the included .kbar file and arrange the toolbar buttons to your taste.